Kjoew For Xiaomi Air2s Øretelefon Tilfælde Trådløse Bluetooth-Headset Til Xiaomi Mi Luft 2S Beskyttende Hylster Ramme Tilbehør

Tags: crystal maiden queens, deler køleskab med fryser, dell 1564 ventilator, stol fyldt soveværelse, dekorativ folie glas, diy armbånd rainbow, crystal massageapparat tilbage, crystal spejl mosaik, dell 17 3 bærbare i3.

kr29.98 kr39.98
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  • w1036

  • Model-Nummer: For Xiaomi Air2s
  • funktion 3: Øretelefon Sag For Xiaomi
  • funktion 5: Charge Box Beskyttende Cover
  • Mærke: kjoew
  • Funktion 1: Marmor Tilbehør til Xiaomi Luft 2S
  • Funktion 2: Øretelefon Sag For Xiaomi Luft 2S Tilfælde
  • Element Type: Hovedtelefon Tilfælde
  • Pakke: No
  • Materiale: Andre
  • Funktion 4: Hovedtelefoner Beskyttende Cover

Bemærk: dette punkt er Beskyttende sag,uden hovedtelefoner,håber for din forståelse!

Bsd Devil
Fully corresponds to the description. I advise everyone! (Came earlier than specified) If we talk about the minuses of the goods and what else to talk about? Unlike the case itself, the cover sits quite unsure so that the only way out is a thin double-sided Scotch also the edges of the case is not the best quality in terms of of of and on this all although still had to treat the connector for charging but I think that all this is not critical and in general the cover is beautiful. Thank you!

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