Ulanzi Mobiltelefon Linse 17mm Vidvinkel linse med CPL filter 1,33 X Anamorphic Telefoto 75 mm Makro Linse til iPhone 12 Pro Antal

Tags: telefoner kamera linse, bærbare telefon linse, aun lens, andoer officielle, opkald iphone-12, macro ring, red anamorphic, agptek iphone linse, huawei mar lx1a, mobil telefon.

kr142.49 kr237.46
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  • w297

  • Model-Nummer: smartphone linse
  • Form: RUNDE
  • Interface: 17mm
  • Certificering: CE
  • Mærke: ulanzi
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)

Ulanzi Mobile Smartphone Kamera Vidvinkel linse med CPL filter w 238 Grad Fiskeøje 2X Teleobjektiv til iPhone X Samsung S9

Ulanzi Anamorphic Linse

Ulanzi 75 MM Makro Linse

Well, the lens is heavy, from without, heavy XR, becomes a stone). Stedikam works at maximum load. This is my natural talk with the cover of the company. To use the lens safely. Aberration is present in the right corner. Pretty unpleasant.
Check normally there was no possibility, on the weekend I will shoot saw and there I will try) everything came whole, it's OK.

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