Nye Ankomst Hjelm Til Motorcykel Off-road Cykel Hjelme Abs Mænd&Kvinder Racing Hjelm Motocross Downhill Cykel Hjelm

Tags: cycl hjelm, motorcykel hjelm accesory, integreret retro hjelm, shoei hjelm, kinder downhill hjelm, kvindelige motorcykel hjelm, hjelm, motocross hjelme, moto cykel hjelm, fox motocross.

kr312.02 kr390.01
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  • w835

  • Hjelm Stil: motocross
  • Kvalitet Certifikat: DOT
  • Hjelm Materiale: ABS
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Element Type: Hjelme
  • Vægt: 1KG
  • Mærke: NYQD
  • Køn: Unisex

Sveta 1211
The product is OK for the price you have, I wanted to make a comment regarding shipping, we 've had quite a few problems with the company sending it since it came without my data, until they have not managed to know that it really was mine they have not given it to me and wanted to return it to their destination of origin. Thank you for everything

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